• Haleh Olsen, MS.CN

Calories in vs. calories out is NOT all that matters for weight loss

Have you ever heard the myth that calories in vs. calories out is the only thing that matters for losing weight?

It's such a common one! Many people (some with big audiences) believe that if you want to lose weight, all you have to do is eat fewer calories than you spend throughout the day. They'll tell you that if you can just do this one thing, the weight will melt off and you'll have your dream body.

The truth is that this thinking leaves out several very important factors that impact your weight and health. We're forgetting about hormone imbalances, underlying health conditions, genetics, medications, your age, your daily routines, your mental health, your unique body chemistry, and on and on and on. Any one of those factors can affect your ability to lose weight, whether you should lose weight, and how you would best lose weight.

Spending your days trying to create a caloric deficit sets you up for feeling deprived, hungry, anxious, irritable.

Instead, try setting sustainable, long-term healthy lifestyle goals that take every part of your mind and body into account. You'll get to enjoy your food, feel better in your body, and ditch the stress of dieting. If you're ready to start your nutrition journey, contact me to set up a free virtual consultation. I would love to help you make friends with your food.


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Haleh inspires me! With her vast knowledge and ability to explain everything in terms that are easy for a nutritional novice to understand. I greatly value Haleh! She is a Godsend!

I enjoy meeting up with Haleh, I feel like i am meeting with someone who understands and genuinely care about me. Thank you.

Haleh did a great job of asking questions, explaining fully what she thought I might be struggling with and making suggestions that were right for my life and budget. Highly recommend!