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How to have a safe and nutritious Halloween during COVID

Happy October, friends. We’re officially at the start of the holiday season, and as you might expect, it’s going to look a little different this year due to COVID and quarantine. So this will be the first blog of a series where I help you prepare for safe, social, and enjoyable holidays with your loved ones. With Halloween coming up in just a few weeks, many of us are wondering how to handle trick or treating and parties while keeping safety guidelines in mind. So let’s talk about it!

October falls right at the beginning of cold and flu season. Pair that with the pandemic, and it’s easy to see why it’s crucial to protect your immune system as much as possible right now. The immune system is highly tied to our diet and overall sugar intake. An abundance of sugar negatively impacts adrenals, leaving you susceptible to illnesses.

Boost your immune system with a balanced diet

So before worrying about trick or treating, focus on getting balanced, nutritious meals every day. That means no skipping breakfast so you can make up the calories in candy later. That doesn’t actually work, and it leaves your body feeling deprived.

Even if you hate cooking, just focus on eating at least one veggie every day. Make sure you’re also adding a plant or animal-based protein in each meal.

Do your best to keep your blood sugar stable too, whether or not diabetes is a concern for you. Now is a good time to talk to a nutritionist for a session or two so you can learn about your body’s needs, and how you can best support your health.

Lastly, be sure you and your loved ones regularly get a full night’s sleep so your body can restore itself to peak performance.

Okay, on to the sweet stuff!

Halloween sweets are one of the joys of life, and they can be part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle! Just remember to enjoy them in moderation. Whether you’re planning on socially distanced trick or treating of some kind, enjoying a Halloween at home, or want to have some treats around for your kids, here are some handy tips for a safe and nutritious Halloween.

This year especially, since we’re focused on protecting our immune system, consider treats that offer some nutritional value, rather than sugar alone. Think things like fruit leather, individual bags of popcorn, Bare cinnamon baked apple chips, Annie’s Halloween Bunny Grahams, or KIND bars for a chocolate fix.

As for trick or treating, you’ll need to adhere to your city’s safety guidelines, but here are some other things you can do to keep kids safe:

Opt for treats in packaging that can be wiped down once kids get home.

Instead of a bowl of candy, offer a tray of individual treat bags, spaced out so kids only touch the one they take.

Leave hand sanitizer out for kids to use.

Include hand sanitizer or wipes in their treat bags.

While these precautions may seem a bit much, anything you can do to keep your neighbors safe is a good thing.

Everything in moderation

Lastly, if you’re worried having candy around for your kids will be a temptation for you, try to keep it out of sight, and make sure you have good-for-you alternatives around. Also, remember you can enjoy the sweet stuff in moderation. If you find yourself craving, check in and ask yourself whether the food you’re craving will support your body and boost your immune system, or leave you feeling sluggish, irritable, or headachy. If your answer is the latter, pick something else.

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