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Here's how to know if you're eating enough

First a disclaimer: this post is not meant to be taken as formal nutrition advice. If you have specific questions or concerns relating to your situation, please contact me so we can set up a consultation, or talk with your doctor. 

I don't advocate counting calories, especially when everyone's body has unique needs. So let’s talk instead about how you FEEL. 

As you go through your day, do you find yourself feeling groggy, anxious, tired, unfocused, irritable? While those symptoms could be signs of many things, they can also alert you to hunger.

As for physical signs, do you feel your stomach growling? Does it feel empty, or do you feel hunger pangs?

If you’re not eating enough, you may also experience symptoms like constipation, difficulty sleeping, or even hair loss. In some cases, females may lose their ability to menstruate or get pregnant.

Food is fuel, and our bodies need enough to run properly. Better yet, you deserve to enjoy it!

If you are concerned you may not be eating enough, contact me to set up a free virtual consultation. I would love to help you make friends with your food.

How do you know when YOU are hungry?


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Haleh inspires me! With her vast knowledge and ability to explain everything in terms that are easy for a nutritional novice to understand. I greatly value Haleh! She is a Godsend!

I enjoy meeting up with Haleh, I feel like i am meeting with someone who understands and genuinely care about me. Thank you.

Haleh did a great job of asking questions, explaining fully what she thought I might be struggling with and making suggestions that were right for my life and budget. Highly recommend!