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Is telehealth nutrition counseling right for me?

Did you know you don’t have to leave your house (or even change out of your pajamas) to start your nutrition journey with me? I offer telehealth sessions to clients all over the world.

Virtual appointments are a helpful and supportive option for many people year-round.

They’re easy to fit into your schedule, and they save you time since you don’t have to drive anywhere.

Telehealth doesn’t limit you to the practitioners in your area, so you’ll have the freedom to find a nutritionist who truly fits your vibe and shares your values. That’s important when you’re dealing with the deep and personal issues that can come with food. You’ll want someone you feel comfortable with and can trust.

Wondering if telehealth is right for your nutrition journey? Keep reading to find out.

Common questions clients have about telehealth:

  • What will we talk about in a virtual session?

We’ll start with a 50-minute consultation so we can get to know each other before diving in. I’ll ask about your medical history, your diet and food habits, dietary restrictions and preferences, and your day-to-day wellness habits. We’ll talk about your goals, and what you’d like to achieve by working with a nutritionist. I’ll also answer any questions you have about me.

From there, we can create a reasonable, sustainable plan to help you reach your nutrition goals without feeling overwhelmed. That plan may include things like meal planning, bringing in supportive foods or vitamins, or even addressing less food-focused areas of your life such as sleep, stress management, or exercise. Along the way, I’ll provide the nutrition education you need to understand each step we take.

After our consultation, we’ll decide together how often we should follow up to check in, celebrate your wins, work through your challenges, and adjust our approach when necessary. Typically, this will mean weekly check-ins, but every client is different.

  • What will I get from working with you virtually?

I am honored that you are considering taking your nutrition journey with me. When we work together, whether virtually or in person, you will get an educator, a cheerleader, a listener, and an accountability partner. I will be there to support you whether you’re celebrating a good day, or struggling with a bad one.

After each session, you will receive an email recapping everything we discussed that day, along with any relevant instructions or links you will need.

You will also have a way to contact me should you have a question or need some help in between our sessions.

  • Is virtual nutrition counseling as good as in-person sessions?

YES. If you are ready to truly commit to your health and wellness goals, then it doesn’t matter where you are. We can accomplish just as much virtually as we can in an office.

  • Can I afford this?

You can see my rates here. If you live in Washington State, your insurance may cover your visits. I offer payment plans, as well as a sliding scale in select cases. Contact me for more information.

  • Will my privacy be protected?

Absolutely. Your privacy is my top priority. For virtual sessions, we can meet either on video or over the phone, whichever is most convenient for you. To keep your information private, I use Zoom for all virtual appointments. Zoom is HIPAA compliant, and can be used for both video and voice calls. You’ll be able to access our calls from either your phone or a laptop.

If you are ready to make friends with your food and take control of your health, I invite you to schedule your free consultation now. I can’t wait to support you in your journey.


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Haleh inspires me! With her vast knowledge and ability to explain everything in terms that are easy for a nutritional novice to understand. I greatly value Haleh! She is a Godsend!

I enjoy meeting up with Haleh, I feel like i am meeting with someone who understands and genuinely care about me. Thank you.

Haleh did a great job of asking questions, explaining fully what she thought I might be struggling with and making suggestions that were right for my life and budget. Highly recommend!