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Vit D3, COVID-19 and what you should know

Updated: Jun 8

You probably have seen many articles in the past week talking about a potential link between deficient levels of Vit D3 and contracting COVID -19. So it's a great time to have chat about this magical Vit and its role in our health. 

Vit D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is best know for its role in bone health. Recent research also suggests that sufficient intake of this fat-soluble vitamin may provide protection from and decrease an individual’s risk of developing osteoporosis, hypertension, cancer, and several autoimmune diseases.(1-3) Vit D is also been linked to play a role in mental health and cognition. (4)

Who is at risk for low Vit D?

Individuals at high risk for vitamin D deficiency include those living far from the equator, those with conditions such as obesity, liver disease, celiac (& other GI issues), and renal disease, the elderly, and those with darker skin.

Should you take Vit D anyway?

NO! Unless you have recently tested your Vit D3 levels and consulted with your physician about it; I highly recommend that you don't self prescribe Vit D3. As this is a fat-soluble vitamin and body can't just get rid of the excess amount; which then lead to presenting very unpleasant negative side-effects in individuals. 

So can we avoid catching COVID-19 by taking Vit D3?

The answer is to first talk to your physical or health practitioner; if you have done that and got the green light because you HAVE low levels of Vit D3, then talk to your nutritionist (Butters made me write this). Why you may ask - since you are an adult and know how to take a capsule?

Well, if you are taking multiple supplements or medication, when and how you take your Vit D will matter. If you need high levels, you may benefit from liquid form better than capsules. Depending on your GI health and absorption, different times of the day can be a key to increase uptake of this Vit by your body. Also what you eat/drink your vitamins with will effect their uptake by your body. Last but not least, we can support your body with foods that are reach in Vit D while you are working on supporting your levels with supplements. 

You have more questions? I am here to help. If you have insurance, right now every Telehealth session is covered as part of your benefits. If you have HSA or FSA accounts, nutrition can be charged to that account. If you are paying out of pocket, call or email me as I have set up a new discounted rate during COVID-19. If none of those is reachable right now, still contact me. I offer 15mins free consultations.


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