Every adventure starts with a step, and by being here YOU ARE getting closer to your HEALTH goals.


At some point or another, we all have asked ourselves “why isn’t this working for me?” We search the web, we subscribe to the newest blogs, we try new diets/detox methods, sometimes eat 3 times a day, other times cut-out grains, add more veggies, batch cook our foods, don't cook our foods, or maybe we give-up eating for days…. and each time, we tell ourselves if we "just try a little bit HARDER", we will reach our goals. At the end of this exhausting search, many of us are left feeling defeated. We grow tired and more disappointed in our bodies and decide to go “all out” and “not care”.


I’m here to tell you a different story. While you are trying to take a better care of yourself following many different articles or literature, what is really happening is that you are getting farther away from your body and the message it is trying to send you. We are built to fight against the resistance and if we don't decode our body's signals correctly, all we are really doing is to push it to fight even harder with us. 


I often ask my clients it they ever observed a newborn's intuitive behavior? They cry, they eat, they poop, they sleep! They do these cycles over and over again. They are fully connected to their bodies.  That is what I call “A body’s intuition or our blueprint”.


A blueprint is like an original map that can get us closer to our goals. As we are busy growing up, our upbringing, environment and social norms will change our ability to follow that blueprint. In an other words, we get more comfortable with ignoring its signals or in some cases, make our body work against us. 


I, too, have been there before! Not knowing where to begin and looking for a “fix it” solution. My own journey in healing didn't begin for decades until I was able to follow the clues that my body was giving me. I choose the name “HONU” to everyday remind myself, that what we need to help and heal ourselves is already within us. 


Honu is Hawaiian for sea turtle. A honu’s ability to always find its way home makes it a remarkable symbol of navigation. They stand for wisdom, good luck, peace, endurance, and long life. 

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Haleh inspires me! With her vast knowledge and ability to explain everything in terms that are easy for a nutritional novice to understand. I greatly value Haleh! She is a Godsend!

I enjoy meeting up with Haleh, I feel like i am meeting with someone who understands and genuinely care about me. Thank you.

Haleh did a great job of asking questions, explaining fully what she thought I might be struggling with and making suggestions that were right for my life and budget. Highly recommend!