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I can’t tell you how happy I am that you are choosing me to work with you. It is your turn to feel content in your body and remember how it feels to be free of pain, judgment and what if’s.


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I am always happy to chat so you can feel confident that you are taking the BEST step towards your
HEALTH with Honu Nutrition.


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Tel : 425.442.5209

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Haleh inspires me! With her vast knowledge and ability to explain everything in terms that are easy for a nutritional novice to understand. I greatly value Haleh! She is a Godsend!

I enjoy meeting up with Haleh, I feel like i am meeting with someone who understands and genuinely care about me. Thank you.

Haleh did a great job of asking questions, explaining fully what she thought I might be struggling with and making suggestions that were right for my life and budget. Highly recommend!